How to choose the Best Weed Wacker

String trimmer is also known as whipper-snipper, weed whip, weed eater, line trimmer or strimmer. It is the tool which is using flexible monofilament line instead of the blade to cut grass and other kinds of the plants near objects. It was introduced in the year of 1970 by George Ballas of Houston. It looks like lawn tool and you must compare the features before you plan to choose string trimmer. You might find out the wide varieties of weed trimmer on online with different shaft styles, power sources, handles, extras and so weed wacker, weed wacker, weed eater

Complete beginner guide to choose best weed wacker

The best weed wacker comes with fantastic numbers of the features and it is the versatile tool which is useful to keep yard tidy. It is having intelligent design which might allow you to reach small places and remove unwanted bushes. At the same time operational system of the weed eater is easy and you no need to be professional landscaper to use this tool. If you are choosing perfect weed wacker then it might come with below features such as

  • Ample safety guards
  • Lightweight
  • Trigger lock
  • Quiet engines or motors
  • Low vibration
  • Powerful trimming capabilities

Basically electric string trimmers are quieter when compared to gas powered models. However noise level might vary in each class especially with the gas trimmer. Some of the string trimmers are having swivel head which might rotate to ideal edging position. If you are looking to take down tall grass and unruly weeds then you can look for the string trimmer which is equipped with the dual nylon lines. Gas engines are notorious for vibrating which might fatigue your hands. According to the studies says that string trimmer with the anti vibration technology is best one to use long periods. This kind of the tool must stay at proper angle. If you are choosing best weed eater then it can provide you good visibility of area. According to the studies reports that three types of the weed eaters are available like battery powered weed eaters, electric weed eaters and gas powered weed eaters so you can choose best one as per your wish. Electric weed eater is the best choice to small lawns and yards because of its mobility. While buying weed eater to your lawn, you must calculate distance from power outlet to end of yard. Ensure that extension cord might cover whole surface.

Things to know about weed eater

Ease of operation is main reasons to choose electric weed eater and it is completely environmental friendly so you can use it without facing any kinds of issues. On the other hand, battery powered trimmer is very light which might not make any type of the noise. Portability is one of the main reasons to choose this tool so you can take it anywhere. In fact gas powered weed eater is extremely powerful rather than other types which means you can use it to do heavy work. Visit to know more about weed wacker.