Pantothenic acid acne : How to Banish Beastly Back Acne

Are you one of those men and women who feel as a gruesome monster with your body and back acne? You’re not alone. This does not necessarily mean you are going to have to suffer in silence, however. There are lots of ways you can treat body and back acne. A fundamental understanding of what causes back acne will also aid in finding ways to effectively address this.

 Pantothenic acid acne

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Principles of Back Acne

Acne gets more intense and inflamed when bacteria make its way in the pore, irritating it and causing pus-filled pimples. Even though the cause and type of acne may vary for different people, most of the time it’s brought on by the hormone testosterone. Foods that are rich in fat and simple sugars can also be said to make skin oilier than usual, thereby making it more acne-prone. Here we discuss how to rid back acne effectively.


In comparison with the face, the back is more difficult to reach and thus more difficult to wash. This makes it more prone to acne. The spine is also always exposed to perspiration which could worsen present acne or trap dirt and germs on the back. Long hair may also irritate back acne in addition to being carriers of dirt and germs. Constant friction with clothing can make back acne more inflamed or rupture pus-filled acne.


Remedies for Back Acne


A fantastic acne treatment starts with appropriate hygiene. Do not forget to wash your back thoroughly whenever you clean your entire body. For hard-to-reach places, use a bath or wash towel. This gives the additional benefit of exfoliation to eliminate stubborn dirt, and dead skin cells in the better than soap washing will do. For mild to moderate acne, you may use medicated soap using benzoyl peroxide or salicylic acid. Along with these, it is also possible to use topical remedies formulated with benzoyl peroxide, salicylic acid or tretinoin. These may act against existing acne by clearing up clogged pores or killing bacteria that flourish inside acne.


Topical remedies, however, can only do so much to deal with acne. Over the years they lose their efficiency as the skin adapts. A better approach involves treating acne from inside the body and making sure it doesn’t return. Pantothenic acid acne vitamin B5 is an acne vitamin turned out to banish acne even in the most stubborn stains like the trunk. Together with topical remedies, vitamin B5 can be a blessing for many wishing to banish back and body acne. Read more about Pantothenic acid acne